ENTRE, ltd.

ENTRE, ltd. is independent expert organization working to support and promote a systemic approach to innovative and sustainable development of regions, cities, and municipalities. It participates and/or consults its customers (organizations, NGOs, universities, schools, and SMEs) to participate in European projects, in order to expand their activities. ENTRE takes active part in education and ensures availability of educational and up-to-date learning materials, tools and methods, as well as seminars and different trainings aimed at identification, development, and improvement of various competences and knowledge. Besides being an educational provider, ENTRE is also management consulting company which helps companies, educational institutions and NGOs to write project proposal, manage projects, coordinate pilot testing, carry out dissemination activities within the various sectors, develop of project related IT products and websites or quality management and assurance. ENTRE is experienced in the design of projects in the fields of knowledge, learning, and work, and in the development of methods, tools, and instruments for anticipating and assessing qualifications and competences. ENTRE provides research and consulting activities in a wide range of products and services across the interface of education & training and the labor market. ENTRE has experience with e-learning material preparation and e-learning courses delivery. The several courses have been prepared in virtual learning environment, mostly focus on the area of project and programme management, marketing, management and entrepreneurial support. The courses also include management of innovation and clusters.


ENTRE, ltd.

Atletická 5/A, 040 01 Košice, Slovak Republic

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Email: entre.sro@gmail.com